• Pietro Lucerni
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This work comes from the collaboration with the Latvian artist Janis Broliss.
Together we thought of working on something that would give three-dimensionality and “light” to photography with an element that was capable of enhancing its depth and meaning.
In fact, neon is not just a luminous glass tube, but an artisanal and artistic creation that becomes part of the work in an artistic process shared between me and Janis. 
Neon, today more than ever, has an iconic and artistic value as well as artisan.
Neon has made and continues to be part of suggestions and atmospheres, both in cinema and in photography, becoming a relevant stage presence capable of transforming anonymous settings into iconic and suggestive places.
Neon is part of the modern imagination and furnishes our cities by giving personality, light, shape and color to the environments, transforming them into iconic places.
Just think of a few scenes from Blade Runner to recall the image of the flickering neon lights of a postmodern and fascinating Chinatown.
But neon has always been inside the scene, inside photography.
We took it out of the scene and transformed it into an element of the work by transforming photography into an installation.
To do this, we try to let photography suggest what shapes and colors the neon should have.
We seek a fusion between these two languages ​​to create beauty and arouse emotion.
Foto-grafia means “writing with light” and we use light to write on photographs.
Thanks to the neon, the works acquire their own light, they can be admired both in light and in the dark and give the viewer a unique experience. CM 135×90 InkJet on wood