Let’s talk shop with hairstylist Stefano Terzuolo

by Manintown

When, how, and why was your brand born?

My brand was born in 2009 after a trip to London. I was a teacher at the Academy for years, both in London and in Italy. Imagining my brand, I wanted an open a place that differs both from the point of view of image and service. The backstage of theatres in the 1930s inspired the aesthetics of my first salon, and the name GUM comes from the slang used by boys in the 1950s that meant “glitter.” There has been an evolution regarding the salon: we have changed two spaces, and for four years, we have been in an apartment in Corso Italia.

Tell us about the SUPERNOVA: news and new products.

As someone who has worked with many companies in the past, I have always been passionate about the natural world. I never found a line that met my customers’ needs, and the greatest difficulty was finding a product that was both natural and effective.  Through studies and research, I went to eliminate the problems that common natural products had, and in 2013 SUPERNOVA was born. It is a completely natural line with organic raw materials cold extracted so that they retain properties; it is not a very wide range, but we work with specific products to solve the main problems such as frizzy hair, irritated skin or sebum problems and products that are instead used more for styling as it can be an oil that does not weigh down the hair or a leave-in conditioner that is a conditioner without rinsing to be applied before drying the hair that protects from the hairdryer and leaves the hair silky.

What about the Candle line?

I never found candles that burned well, that had an intense fragrance, and therefore also in this case through research, I studied candles that had a higher intensity than those on the market and a longer duration (50 hours of duration). Another problem that I have found in the usual candles is that they burn badly and so in the middle of the candle the risk is to waste all the wax. So, I put two 100% cotton wicks so that the level of the candle always remained at the same point.

What are the different types of fragrance?

As the mainline, it is about fragrances that are not at all floral so we have pepper, cardamom, burnt woods. They are not sweet candles, everything is inspired by what can be an incense.

What goals would you like to reach, especially because of the current difficult situation?

I am going towards a direction of experience at the highest levels: in my opinion, the concept of “hairdressing salon” has been dead for a while. After Covid-19, there will be the need to spend more time with customers, so spaces dedicated to them are almost personal. My salon is vast, and we have always hosted a small number of customers, to create an experience that is not only to think about the haircut or hair color but that it is a real moment of SPA for the hair and then the fact of creating candles and have a very long time with the aim of letting people relax. There are very few customers in the space, allowing them to feel alone almost, so this can definitely give significant privacy.  It is a moment of detachment from everyday routine. My vision is to go more and more into privatizing and customizing this type of service. The idea of the salon with many stations, many hairstylists, and hairdryers on and short times to make more customers is a bit the Italy trend. Still, since I have always gone against the current, I am trying to achieve this goal that I have already partially achieved with the opening of the new space in Corso Italia. So fewer customers, more time for them, and a full-scale consultation that obviously starts with a product that has been studied by us.

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