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The must-have sustainable Vegan accessory line

by Manintown

Who said that we cannot be sustainable and environmentally friendly even when we travel, whether for holidays or for work? It is just a matter of organization and little tricks, without forgoing a cool twist.

Designed in Paris but Made in Italy, TAKE MONDAY plays on the ziplock bag made using biodegradable TPU and colorful canvas. Forgoing leather makes these transparent bags vegan friendly, and extremely light weight and washable for perfect playful yet organized eco- travel.

Here is our conversation with the founder, Claire Delap.

Can you tell us when and how did you come up with the idea of projecting a fashion line related to the world of travel? 

I worked as a reality TV producer and travelled the world for work. I wanted a travel pouch which was clear, but not made from plastic or leather. Travel has changed (even apart from this exceptional year!) and we no longer want to carry heavy luggage or spend a long time packing. The idea was born – create something that didn’t exist already; a bag which would cut down on time wasted packing, but also beautiful to look at.

Where do you get inspiration for the production and realization of your products?

We wanted to create a “luxury” travel product, but without using leather. This meant materials and design which would feel premium and high quality, but built for the modern traveller who is time poor, loves design/style and wants an efficient travel experience. We took inspiration from vintage/classic travel brands and tried to bring those details into today – in other words, to modernise and make them more playful.

Can you tell us some items that we cannot miss for a weekend out of town? 

The most useful I’ve found is using our Moreton pouch to stuff with passport, airpods, charger and boarding passes. All the things you need to constantly check to make sure you have not forgotten! I have been asked so many times in airport lounges and on trains where I found these clever bags. Meanwhile, I love throwing all my beach essentials into the Chaptal in medium, so whenever I go to the beach/pool I know I’ll have everything I need.

What is the added value of the Italian craftsmanship?

Working with an Italian factory early on allowed me to create a very small run of products. This gave me a chance to test the product on the market, without ordering too much stock up front. Sourcing our fabric for the trim from an Italian mill helped the customer understand that a bag could be luxurious without being made from leather. Actually, the TPU (plastic alternative) feels and acts a lot like leather – this means it takes the same skills and machinery for production which we were able to find in Italy.

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